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Tischbahnen aus Spanien: PAYA

#1 von mpipa , 25.04.2012 20:30

Another new set in the collection, and a big finding: a pre war Paya set.
For a long time I was looking for a proof of existance of the sets present in the 1923 Paya catalogue

I had already found a post war set, present in another later catalogue

Here you can see Set 874, corresponding to the one in the catalogue , but notice that it different from the one in the 1923 catalogue

And finally the prewar set in the typical black satin paper box like Distler. In fact the coaches are very much like those produced by this maker


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RE: Tischbahnen aus Spanien: PAYA

#2 von cmnhorsebreeder , 07.05.2012 21:05

Great, Manuel! What a find!!!!!
Congrats - Claudia

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