Fleischmann Collection Stig Baumeyer

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Stig Baumeyer:

".....Fleischmann is one of the great model makers of Germany,
although always a bit overshadowed by Märklin.
When I was a child in the early 1960's, my father built
a small Fleischmann layout with those hollow FLM tracks
on cardboard ties. No big deal, just a oval with a
few sidings and buildings.
I guess that's the way it all started.

Of course the layout is long gone, but I keep thinking
of making a copy with the right tracks and buildings.
I still have my late Dad's rolling stock, and it still works fine.
As an adult, you want a part of something that's in your blood.
For me, it has developed into this collection of Fleischmann models.....".


RE: Fleischmann Collection Stig Baumeyer

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Great Collection , thanks for sharing

Yours Holger

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